Three Reasons to Incorporate a Digital Newspaper Maker

The current fast paced, heated political climate has people hotter than ever to stay up-to-date and plugged in – standard print media just can’t keep up. The incentives to turn to digital platforms that can keep us constantly tuned in has people flocking to the net on their phones, tablets, and computers. While many people still enjoy having the physical paper rolled out before them, they are coming to see that as a luxury and relying nonetheless on the convenience and appeal of digital platforms.

What makes digital newspapers so appealing?

High Speed Turnaround: Washington’s stories change overnight. New facts emerge and new players rise and fall faster than a weekly paper can edit the facts. People want to be the first to know, to read the story as it breaks. The more quickly you can release content, the larger your audience.

Flexibility: Traditional paper formats are designed with respect to the limitations of the printed page and the printing industry. An ePaper has no such limitations. Bodies of text can be moved, spliced, filled with links, bordered with videos or pictures and manipulated endlessly to suit your purposes. As you come to understand your audience more deeply, your format can rapidly evolve to better hold their attention.

Unparalleled Integration: A physical paper is just that, no more and no less. But a digital paper is a part of the larger whole. Each article can be as full of links to other articles, other videos and other content as you desire. It is accessible when your audience is at home at their computer or as they are on the train with their phone – your content is always within reach, just a click away.

Audience demand necessitates digital content. They are voracious for the latest tweet, the most sensational clip and the inevitable spin. What digital newspapers deliver is not just an article, but an experience that can be edited, revised and re-consumed, ultimately keeping your audience engaged more deeply and for longer periods of time.

If you have any questions about digital newspapers and how our software can help you expand your project, please contact us.

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