The one thing these fitness bloggers never drink

Image: Base Body Babes.

Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb, the fit sister duo behind Base Body Babes, became a big deal in fitness a few years back.

Since then, they’ve been busy hustling and growing their Sydney gym/café hybrid, training local celebs and themselves.

Known for their strong physiques (and seriously amazing abs), the two are the poster girls for weight training for women, which is why they’ve joined Braun Power Players, as part of their latest campaign.

Apart from DNA, the duo share a serious devotion to their shoedrobe and strength training, and swear by four specific exercises to transform any body.

“For lower body the best strength training exercises has to be the squat and deadlift and for upper body it has to be the bench press and chin up,” the Base Body Babes tell myBody+Soul.

Yep, they’re a ‘we’, not a ‘me’ (and you thought your bestie could finish your sentences).

“When we consider what could be the most underrated exercise, it has to be a 45 or 90-degree back extension. It’s difficult to perform incorrectly and strengthens the muscles of the posterior chain – hamstrings, glutes and the erector spinae muscles. When these muscles are well…

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