Soups for Picky Eaters – Mums Make Lists

As a mum I am a big fan of soups.

First off they are quick.

Second, they are cheap.

Third, they are one of the best ways to I know to get large quantities of veg into picky eaters who really don’t like it.

Now I know some mums think hiding veg is a bad idea and I agree picky eaters need to get used to the texture of veg.

But, if it’s a trade off between one tiny mouthful of broccoli and a super large “hidden” helping eaten without protest, I plump for the latter.

Soup is particularly brilliant for hiding the green veg kids find bitter because you can puree everything up … including some lentils or beans for protein … and then serve it with loads of cheese and yummy garlic bread for an extremely healthy quick meal.

It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to great value seasonal root veg in winter.

The BIG Trick to Making Soup Fast

The BIG BIG trick to making tasty soup fast is having the veg in the freezer.

I try to shop for veg once a week, chop it all up & bag it in the freezer in portions.

I’ll even freeze chopped celery and garlic. That way you can start the soup in just a few minutes then leave it completely alone for 15 – 20 minutes until you…

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