Save Money With Your Freezer

Our fridge used to be full of food and half of it would go to waste.

If you opened it now, you might think it looked a bit bare.

There’s dairy and juice but not much more because almost everything else has gone straight in the freezer.

And doing this, we save money because less is thrown away and actually eat far more fresh fruit and veg.  A real win win.The five things I have found most helpful in this approach are:

1. Put Veg in The Freezer

We’re lucky to have an old school green grocers round the corner who sells locally grown produce at a great price.  As soon as we get back from the shops, we wash, cut up and freeze our big bag of veg for the week.

It’s so much quicker to do all in one go and massively cuts the time to get food on the table.

And a greater variety of veg to choose from every night makes it much more appetising.  For speed I usually follow Crystal and Comp’s tips on how to cook frozen veggies and just cook with a little butter and garlic or oil and chilli flakes.

2. Freeze Seasonal Soft Fruit

Soft fruit out of season is pricey and doesn’t taste great.  I try to buy and pick in season and freeze it.  At the moment, our freezer is full of…

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