Pros And Cons of Training Simulators

The world has transitioned itself from keeping instructors and trainers to keeping machines for learning. The learning process through this has become more effective and easy. It has gotten faster and does not require a lot of efforts. The world has accelerated in this field so as to make it easier for students as well for understanding various methods and techniques.

Simulators or virtual reality training are have become the most effective training system. One does not have to have more employees to especially supervise the training. It can be done and effectively worked upon by the machines. The learning of all the process is automated. The instructions and functioning of all the machines is done through the simulators and virtual training.

This learning process is extremely interactive and makes it fun for the individuals to go through the training. Instead of following the conventional learning system process one can learn quite a bit through simulators as it makes it interesting. There are various benefits of learning through simulators.

  • The best thing about learning from simulators is one does not require to hire an instructor who is physically present in the classroom.
  • It is not just limited to the written exams and one can make use of these systems to make the learning easier
  • It helped enrich the learning process.
  • The skills that one requires through practical learning can be done though virtual reality.
  • For instance, if one needs to learn driver training in India they do not need to go on the steering wheel directly hitting the roads they can learn online with the same experience as that of the real time traffic, environmental conditions and other factors affecting.

illustrating the actual process is what is done through simulators.

  • The knowledge absorbed during the process of earning through simulators is more than learning notes or just reading about it.
  • It increases the flexibility of learning
  • The experience of learning on the machine is much better and greater when it comes to mining heavy equipment operator training
  • Learning through simulators is extremely cost effective.
  • Less human errors which in turn increases the efficiency.
  • It helps motivates the trainees as there is no physical damage done while learning
  • It is safer than actually learning on the ground, as the accidents are avoided.
  • It is safer and more effective

The time required during the learning process is lesser

On the downside

  • The initial cost of installing the simulator is high
  • The maintenance of the simulators can charge a lot if it breaks down.
  • If the students have questions outside of what is installed, they cannot be answered instantly and will have to check with a trainer.
  • It limits the access to only what is available through simulators
  • The updating of the software is not very cost effective
  • Depending on machines is not a very good aspect

Even though usage of virtual reality and simulators have several advantages it does have certain major disadvantages which can affect a company.

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