oVertone Pastel Silver Review and Tutorial

All of the gorgeous hair color you crave with none of the upkeep.

This post is sponsored by oVertone. All reviews and opinions are my own. I only share products I use and love.

If you read my post on how to keep pastel pink hair from fading for good, then you already know how much I love oVertone. If you haven’t been over there yet, you need to check it out! I go over the pros, cons, and my overall opinion of the oVertone product line. But back to the pastel silver.

I’m super hair ADD, as I like to call it, so it was only a matter of time before I switched up my color. I loved the results the oVertone Pastel Pink Complete System gave me, so when I decided to go silver I knew I had to try the Pastel Silver Complete System from oVertone. I’ll lead you through the steps I took to achieve gorgeous pastel silver locks so you can do it from home too! It’s super easy, I promise.

What to Know Before You Begin

This is the color hair I started with. It is on the verge of being paper white, which is the perfect base for pastel colors.

Make sure your hair is pre-lightened before going through this tutorial. If your hair is darker than mine, please understand that your results may not be the same. Color will still deposit on darker strands, but it will be more toned down and less vibrant.

All silver hair dyes have either blue or purple undertones. The oVertone Pastel Silver collection has blue undertones, so don’t be surprised if your hair has a blue tinge. If that happens, simply use a drop or two of oVertone Pastel Orange Daily Conditioner and mix it in with your oVertone Pastel Silver Daily Conditioner. Because blue and orange are opposite one another on the color wheel, the orange will cancel out the blue, leaving you with that perfect grey-toned silver color.

What You Need

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• Pastel Silver Deep Treatment from oVertone: This is what I use to “dye” my hair initially. I say “dye” because unlike traditional dyes, the oVertone deep treatments are actually healthy, hydrating, and nourishing for your hair.

• Pastel Silver Daily Conditioner from oVertone: Use this conditioner after your usual shampoo every time you shower. It deposits little amounts of silver during each wash to keep your color looking fresh. You’ll never have to worry about losing your precious color to the shower ever again. And the best part? You can use it with warm water. No more cold showers to preserve color!

• Gloves (optional): I feel like I have more control over how much product I’m applying when I use my bare hands, so my personal preference is to forgo the gloves. Pastel colors aren’t typically pigmented enough to stain your hands anyway. But some people just prefer to use gloves for any color application, and that’s okay too!

Deep Treatment Instructions

1. Wet your hair. Sometimes I’ll apply the deep treatment after I’ve showered and towel dried my hair. But let’s be honest. Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting in the shower. If you’re lazy like me, I find it is easiest to just comb through your hair with a wet brush. No matter how you reach it, you’re good to go once you have evenly damp hair.

*Since I love pastels, I’m not usually too concerned about getting a super saturated color. So in my experience, wetting my hair just helps to distribute the color more easily. It also saves product! I usually end up with a very saturated result anyway, since my hair is so light. But if you have darker hair or your goal is for the color to be as saturated as possible, then apply the deep treatment to dry hair. You might use a little more of your 8oz tub, but it’s worth it!*

2. Apply the oVertone Pastel Silver Deep Treatment. I usually apply to my roots first and then work the product down to my tips. Make sure you check a mirror to see if you’ve covered all your hair. You don’t want any missed patches!

3. Let the color sit for 10 minutes. Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt if you leave it on longer. But it’s also not going to do much to help either. Your hair will be fully saturated after 10 minutes, so there is no need to leave the product on longer. (I’ve tried, and it makes no difference! So don’t waste your time.) Once the time is up, hop in the shower and rinse your hair until the water runs clear. And remember–no more cold showers! So enjoy that piping hot water.

4. Repeat about once a week. The directions say to reapply the deep treatment once a week, but I think you can stretch that a little longer. If the pastel silver is anything like the pastel pink complete system, it will last at least 2 weeks, if not more! That means you’re less hassled by upkeep and have longer lasting product! Win-win.

Deep Treatment Results

If you’re looking for the perfect shade of pastel silver, this is it. It’s stunning! I haven’t found another brand that can give me such beautiful results, especially in so little time. I’m sold.

Daily Conditioner Instructions

1. Shampoo as usual. You don’t have to use any special shampoo for the oVertone system to work. Just shampoo with any old shampoo–even if it’s a super cheap brand you’d be embarrassed to admit you use.

2. Condition using the oVertone Daily Conditioner. There isn’t a “right” amount to use. Just squeeze out enough to condition your whole head. If you have short hair you’ll need less than someone with longer hair.

3. Let the oVertone conditioner sit for 3-5 minutes. You have to give the product a chance to soak in.

4. Rinse. Just wash the conditioner out as you would ordinarily.

5. Repeat every time you shower. You’d condition your hair anyway, so you’re keeping your color fresh without having to spend any extra time doing so.

Daily Conditioner Results

This is my hair after 2 weeks of using the oVertone Daily Conditioner in pastel silver. The color has not budged at all, and I’m so happy!

First Impressions

Deep Treatment

I used 1/4 of the 8oz tub when I colored my hair pastel pink. But for some reason I used 1/2 of the tub with the pastel silver. I’m not sure why I needed more product this time, since my hair is exactly the same length. The only thing I could think of is that my hair was slightly more damp last time, so the product went on a little bit more easily. Either way, I’m still happy. Getting 2 uses out of the deep treatment is plenty. Based on how well my hair held it’s color over the last 2 weeks, I’ll definitely be able to get away with only using one bottle of deep treatment per month–if not longer.

I’m still in awe that the deep treatment only takes 10 minutes. That is unheard of in the hair coloring world! Anyone who has pastel colored hair has heard, “Leave the dye on your head as long as you can stand!” or, “I left mine on for 3 hours to be safe!” Before I found oVertone I was one of those people–sitting around with a grocery store bag on my head, attempting not to drip dye on my couch for 3 hours. But not anymore! By the time I finish applying the dye it’s pretty much time to rinse it off. I love it! oVertone makes it so easy to maintain your favorite hair color.

The color grabbed to my roots a little bit darker than the rest of my head, but that was expected. I’ve learned that’s just the way my hair is. Color always appears darker on my freshly bleached roots.

Daily Conditioner

I can’t get enough of this stuff. I used to suffer through cold showers while reminding myself it’s a sacrifice I have to make for beautiful pastel locks. But not anymore! It’s such a dream to be able to enjoy a hot shower without sacrificing my color.

The daily conditioner makes color upkeep a breeze–so much so that your stylist might begin to wonder where you are. Or, if you’re like me, you might end up forgoing the salon altogether. With oVertone you get salon results (from the comfort of your own home) that actually last, all in a fraction of the time.

Final Thoughts

In the past when I would get compliments on my hair color out in public, the question that usually followed was, “Is the upkeep really tough?” We would then spend the next few minutes commiserating with one another about how keeping color looking fresh is next to impossible. I’m happy to say that all of that has changed with oVertone.

Now my answer to that same question is, “Nope! And I’ll tell you why…” I love spreading the word. It’s awesome to help other DIY colorists achieve their hair color dreams with ease. Needless to say, oVertone will be my forever brand for hair color.

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