Make your Home Feel Warm and Cosy this Autumn

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the cooler and I have started putting more layers on, plus even turned the heating on from time to time. However, I do admit that autumn, along with spring is probably my favourite season. It is the time of year when you get to rock your favourite jumpers and wrap up warmly on the sofa.

Of course, there are so many things you can do to make your home feel a little warmer and cosier this autumn.

Bring on the Blankets

One thing I love about autumn is being able to curl up on the sofa, under a warm blanket and watch TV or read a good book and right now there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to blankets. Think chunky knit, full and fluffy or fun and geeky, whatever your personal style is there is bound to be a blanket that works for you.

Renew Your Bedding

During summer we have only had a duvet cover on the bed, so now is the best time to go shopping for new bedding. Be it a duvet, throw or bedding set such as these at Julian Charles, there is something to really make your bed the cosy and warm hideaway you would like.

Lightup Those Candles

Candles to me always bring a level of warmth into the home, plus of course, they offer up the most amazing scents, with something for everyone no matter their preference. Personally I a huge fan at this time of year of cinnamon and apple scents, alongside marshmallow mixed with fireside.

Use Deep Warm Hues

If you are looking to incorporate different colours into the home, then may I suggest going for warm deep hues. Think deep plum, forest green, mustard and dark red, all of these colours will help bring warmth to your home and depending on how you use them can add another texture to your furniture.

Layer Rugs

If you have flooring which is a bit cold come the cooler months, then rugs are your best friend. However, did you know you can layer them? Layering rugs can help you define different spaces within your home, as well an extra layer of texture and comfort.

How About Some Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the epitome of cosy and whimsical and they can be used anywhere in the home, think of them around your bed, across your living room or even if you can face going outside, in your garden. There is no end of colours and designs to choose from, meaning there are some fairy lights for everyone if you just shop around.

So there are some ideas to make your home feel more cosy and warm this autumn, but what do you think am I missing, any “must have” ideas?

*This is a collaborative post.

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