iPhone Bluetooth Not Working

iPhone is a cutting edge high end smartphone developed, marketed and distributed by Apple Inc. It was the world’s first smartphone with no buttons on it and a complete touch panel. Like other phones, it comes in with built in Bluetooth connection. This helps to share picture, videos and other data with another device using Bluetooth. To troubleshoot Iphone Bluetooth not connecting, make sure these point which are listed below:

  1. Bluetooth option is your iPhone is enabled. To do so, you need to Go to Settings and then choose it
  2. You can try to charge your iPhone to make a connection with the other device.
  3. Keep both the devices close to each other
  4. USB ports can cause Bluetooth interference so make sure both the devices are separated

After you have done a preliminary check and still your Bluetooth is not working in your iPhone, you may need to perform the following mentioned actions:

  1. Restart your iPhone: Switch off the phone and turn on again. Sometime the phone heats up and while it performs multiple tasks at a time, it makes some applications unresponsive.
  2. Toggle the icon: Your this option is given in settings, you can tap it and then tap again to turn Bluetooth on. Sometimes the touch doesn’t work well and hence it makes the Bluetooth unresponsive.
  3. Forgot an already added device: To connect your iPhone to other device using Bluetooth, you need to first pair both the devices. Sometimes, when a lot of devices are added on it, it becomes unresponsive. To tackle this, you need to go to settings and click on Bluetooth. Here you can select this and then go to Device. Select a device from the list which you want to forget. Click on it and the device will be deleted from the list.

There are plenty effective solutions you can try to fix the problem. Iphone Bluetooth not working properly, Iphone Bluetooth not working properly after update, Iphone Bluetooth not connecting. These problems can be resolved effectively by our Iphone Customer Service person .You can also go to Apple customer service center and get the issue solved there itself.

If you still cannot figure out how to Connect Bluetooth with your iPhone, then you can contact Iphone customer support. You can mail your query or call Iphone Toll free number @ 1-844-353-5969 and explain your issue. They will get in touch with you and resolve your issue.

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