I Tried The Latest Productivity Trend. Here’s What I Learned.

Amongst my family and friends, I’m famously disorganised. I’m late to birthdays, dinners – even my own year 12 formal.

My latest attempt to defy these expectations was to try out the simple pen-and-paper system that is currently sweeping the world – the Bullet Journal (or BuJo, has adherents call it. Because BJ was, you know, taken.)

The method was devised by an American digital product designer by the name of Ryder Carroll. Touted as “the intersection of mindfulness and productivity”, the only tools you need to start a Bullet Journal are a pen and notebook.

I was intrigued from my first glimpse. And after a solid month of daily Bullet Journaling, I am one hundred percent converted.

How it works

There’s a bit of a learning curve with the Bullet Journal method. It’s not steep, but it’s there. I’ll try to explain it as briefly as possible.

You start by setting up a Future Log (an outline of the next six months, spread over two pages) a Monthly Log (an outline of the next month) and a Daily Log. The Daily Log is what you’ll be using most.

To set it up, you just flip to the next blank page, write today’s date, and start planning…

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