How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

In the past, people used to worry about building muscle because, as many people know, it weights more than fat. That said, those who want to lose weight often make the mistake of totally cutting muscle-building exercises out of the equation. However, when you fail to build muscle while losing weight, your body has the tendency to become flabby and unattractive.

Since this is not a desirable look for anybody, let’s take a look at some muscle-building exercises that can help you pack on muscle, make you look better overall and lose fat.

Exercises That Build Muscle

Body Weight Exercises

Not everybody has exercise equipment lying around the house or a gym membership. If you’re in this category, you can still build muscle by using your own body’s weight as resistance. Here are a few exercises that don’t require barbells or dumbbells, and can be done virtually anywhere:

Push-ups: This exercise is pretty common, but if you’re still not sure how to do a push-up, you can learn how now! Lie on your back on the floor or yoga mat. Use your arms to push yourself up while keeping the body straight. For beginners, it is okay to use your knees instead of your…

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