Beauty Flash – The Best Fast-Fix Skincare and Makeup Products


Tried and tested beauty products that deliver real results and fast

It’s a fast paced world we live in, no matter your chapter of life. Whether you’re a flat-chat Uni student juggling study and work, a time-challenged mumma wrangling the kids or a stress-filled business woman climbing the corporate ladder, we all feel the stretch with little time for ourselves. Which is exactly why we need quick fixes in our lives, starting with the beauty regime.


Sure, some ingredients take time to be most beneficial and good things do come to those who wait. But what if you need a quick fix, a little pep-up, something to get you back to looking and feeling great? Well here’s our tried and tested beauty products that deliver real results and fast – as in pronto. No hollow promises, these gems just work!


1) Beauty By Nicholas No! No! Needles

Ta-dah! This genius roll-on will wipe that frown off your face. Immediately. Right before your ‘character’-lined eyes. It works by targeting wrinkles, crows feet and unwanted expression lines just like Botox but without that frozen look or the invasion of injections. And this baby works; simply apply the serum directly to each…

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