30 Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

So many women around the world want to have curly hair that they spend hours twirling, curling and twisting in the mirror, only for it to fall out a few hours later because not enough product was used or the heat just wasn’t quite hot enough. If you have curly hair, you should embrace it, rocking it for all it’s worth. As these short curly hairstyles for black women show, there are plenty of ways to wear and style it, and also a wide range of options to pick from, particularly when it comes to color and style.

A leave-in conditioner will be your best friend with short curly hairstyles for black women like this one, but you will want something weightless at the same time, and preferably one that adds some shine. If you opt for products that are too thick, they’ll weigh your hair down. This can cause the curls to drop out, destroying your look.

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A great cut can do wonders for your natural curls and waves, so rather than trying to work against them, work with them for a change. Ask your stylist what kind of cut would make the most of yours, and how to easier maintain them without getting stressed in the morning.

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